There are two main types of driveway snow melting systems and one of them is called electric snow melting. With the growth of technology, engineers succeed to design energy-efficient intelligent eclectic snow melting systems for home driveways.

The smart electric snow melting system consists of thermal cables that prevent freezing with intelligent control and are used as a heating system without smoke and dust transmission in sidewalks and residential or commercial buildings.

You can use these elements under concrete, paving, sand, soil, and asphalt. Its applications include melting snow on sidewalks, building entrances, parking ramps, rooftops, terraces, and roof gardens, heating greenhouses, heating grass, melting snow in stadiums and sports fields, warming around swimming pools, de-icing roofs, and gutters, or Thermal tracking of pipes, valves, and fluid tanks and even heating of open spaces.

This element has high efficiency and low power consumption, so its power consumption is 30% less than other power cables.

These cables are flat and thin, and their surface area is much higher than the old electric cables, generating more uniform heat.

electric driveway heating

These elements are enclosed in a strong plastic cover and are flexible. Their installation is simple, and their implementation is the last step before the implementation of flooring. It is possible to connect them to 220 volts or 380 volts (three phases). You can connect these elements to the temperature control system and control the system on and off with the thermostat. The exceptional snow-melting thermostat has 3 snow melting modes, space heating, and industrial use, you will choose the correct mode according to the type of use.

The reason for using the electric snow melting system

We use this thermal system to protect roofs, gutters, roads, stairs, terraces, and bridges against snow and freezing. This system’s unique design and skillful operation allow the heated surface to be cleared of snow and ice through common control. You can program this system effectively and efficiently so that the controllers can measure the temperature and humidity, predict the possibility and probabilities of weather conditions, and turn on the system whenever needed. I suggest using microprocessor controls to overcome the adverse effects of bad weather.

The main cost of this system is low. Usually, the main issue is running costs, especially for large sites that require a lot of power. You need to adjust the system using the appropriate controls so that it only functions efficiently during snow and rain at freezing temperatures. Sometimes it doesn’t even snow at -10°C, so leave the system on standby for these temperatures.

electric driveway snow melting

In most European countries, weather conditions allow the system to be turned on only on certain days of the year, in which case (turning on the system) heating is done for a total of about 30 to 100 hours to easily melt the accumulated snow and prevent freezing.

You can use Electric snow-melting systems in both commercial and residential buildings. You can provide high mechanical durability and flexibility of thermal cables through the use of multiple strands of cores. These cables have a double core, and both cores produce heat, causing an equal distribution of 50% power to each side. It leads to a reduction in the actual operating temperature of the heating cores, which increases the lifespan of the products.

Advantages of the electric snow melting system

The essential advantages of this type of heating system are:

• Uniform temperature distribution

• Low-temperature heating that directly affects the earth’s surface creates the proper air to provide the desired heat.

• Low start-up cost due to precise temperature setting

• Low central cost

• Due to the type of internal design with heaters, welding devices, furnaces, and water and gas pumps are not at risk.

• Easy operation and control

• Without any environmental pollution: electrical energy is nature’s friendliest energy.

• High reliability

If you think electric snow melting systems are perfect for you, you can rely on Blue Diamond’s driveway snow melting services in Toronto.

Intelligent electric snow melting system

Electric snow melting system for passages and staircases

Driving on frozen roads always creates many problems for residents of residential or commercial buildings and endangers people’s health. Also, passing on flat, sloping paths and stairs is not without danger. We offer the best option for designers and builders to solve this problem. Using the electric snow melting system on external surfaces such as flat and sloping car ramps, sidewalks, traffic routes, staircases, helicopter pads, etc., is the best and most reliable method.

This system simultaneously uses two intelligent humidity and temperature sensors. Suppose any moisture (by the humidity sensor) is measured at a temperature below zero (by the temperature sensor). The necessary command is given to the thermostat, and the system is activated automatically. If the air temperature is below zero, the temperature sensor on the thermostat display shows the temperature. Still, if it is not snowing or raining, because the humidity sensor does not sense any humidity, the system is off and has no consumption. It does not have energy and does not have any consumption costs for the residents. This system is activated simultaneously as the rain starts and when the air temperature reaches the freezing point.

If you want driveway snow melting systems for your home, we suggest you also learn about hydronic driveway heating. When you understand both systems, you can choose the one which suits the best for you.