One of the most crucial systems in any home is plumbing. And without regular maintenance and drain replacement services, you wouldn’t have access to clean water, hot showers, or even the ability to use the toilet if your plumbing system wasn’t working correctly.

The drain is the most common place for damage, and badly clogged or cracked drainpipes may need drain replacement services. Drains are an essential component of the plumbing system of any property, as they’re the primary means through which waste is removed from buildings.

Neglecting to contact drain repair services for cracked pipes can lead to bursts or extreme leakage that will damage homes. The central plumbing of any house connects to the local sewage system making leakage more worrying as the waste going out and the clean water coming in can leak and cause floods. There are many signs to know if you need drain replacement services. Let’s look at some of the most telltale ones.


The first step to knowing if you need drain replacement services is simply looking at the exposed residential plumbing system. There are clear-cut signs of a damaged pipe, and if you witness any of these symptoms, you probably require drain replacement services.


Leaks can manifest in a variety of ways. The most visible indicator is water gathering in areas it shouldn’t. Warping drywall and peeling paint are two clear examples. A little leak caused by a broken pipe might be a sign of significant problems with your plumbing, roof, or insulation. Leaks may quickly get out of control if water is allowed to spread. Therefore they should be examined by drain replacement services as soon as possible.


Corrosion can cause your pipes to peel or flake as they age. Flaking occurs when the water passing through them is acidic and eats away at the tubing of the lines. If you see anything out of the ordinary, have it checked out by certified drain replacement services. It can help save the health of your complete plumbing system.


Finding a bulged pipe is one of the most critical times to get in touch with drain replacement services. Bulging water pipes are caused by an extremely high level of pressure in the pipes, most likely caused by a tough clog. The water then accumulated in one location. It pressed on the tube because it had nowhere else to go, resulting in the bulge.

It’s not a good indication if you find a water pipe bulging in your home. It may explode if left untreated. So if bulged pipes are noticed, immediate contact to drain replacement services is vital, as if the pressure gets too much, you might be looking at thousands of dollars in damage.

drain repair and replacement


Depending on the year of construction, different materials were most likely employed for the plumbing system. Most current systems utilize brass, copper, or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes as drain upgrades for steel ones. On the other hand, older structures were made of cast iron, lead, and galvanized steel, increasing the need for drain replacement services.

Regardless of material, each of these pipes has a life period that you should be aware of to determine whether you need drain upgrades. Note that steel pipes have a higher chance of needing drain replacement services. The life span of different type of pipes are as follows:

  • Brass, cast iron, and galvanized steel have an average lifespan of 90 years.
  • And PVC pipes have an average life expectancy of 35 years.

Lead pipes, on the other hand, are a very different matter. Lead is very hazardous and, if taken in small amounts by children or in large quantities by adults, can lead to hospitalization.

Tests can disclose how much lead is in each pipe. If it exceeds the nationally recommended amount, you should immediately stop using the facet as a water source and contact drain replacement services.

Lead poisoning is rarely a concern in new constructions, but if you reside in an older home, you should investigate the pipe material used and consider drain replacement services.


Discolored water is usually the result of rusted or cracked pipes and is an immediate cause for concern, and almost always requires drain repair services. This brown or black water is caused by corrosion in your pipes, which leaves rust from metal pipes when the water flows through them.

Water discoloration may occur at any time, although it is more prevalent in the early spring and summer when water consumption rises and as the flow of water increases through the pipes, which can disturb residuals deposited over the winter months when we use less water.

Leaking pipes can also cause discolored water because the water flow rises and disturbs the sediment. These problems almost always result in you needing drain replacement services, and the sooner this is done, the easier the job will be.

Mineral deposits, if left untreated, can choke pipes, increasing pressure. The pipes finally burst due to the constant pressure, inflicting catastrophic damage. If you find any rust or corrosion in your lines, contact drain replacement services at once.


It’s hard to pinpoint the reason for low water pressure at commercial plumbing outlets. There are various possibilities from punctured, clogged, or cracked pipes, but whichever one of these is the case, you almost always need to at least consult with drain replacement services.

Clogged drains can supply unhealthy water or even increase the pressure on the pipes to burst eventually, and a leaking pipe is never desirable as it can cause wood to rot and Fungi to grow, increasing the number of health hazards.

For instance, a basement leakage always grows mold if left unchecked. Mould will make the air of your house toxic, and treating this issue gets more difficult and costly the longer it’s left untreated. So as soon as you notice leakages, contact drain replacement services to nip it at the bud immediately.